4 simple practices. 21 days.

The Basic Balance Challenge is a FREE  w e l l n e s s  mini-course that shows you how to enhance your digestion, mood and vitality in just four very simple daily practices (that will take you around 30 minutes to learn). #basicbalancechallenge


Cultivate routines and practices that invite you to truly thrive.


Our courses weave ancient wisdom in to the modern context, focusing on self-reflection and easily-integrated practices in the realms of nutrition, lifestyle routines and self-care rituals that source their power from the natural world.


A private consult will deepen your journey of renewal.


Our approach to wellness inspires a deep understanding and appreciation for the individual, and supports women to thrive in alignment with the rhythmic and elemental influences of the Earth.


We love sharing our passion and purpose.


We believe that internal alignment manifests external radiance, and understand that balancing oneself is the foundation for balancing one's family, community and the planet.


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