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We offer a range of workshops to inspire wellness amongst our clients and communities.

Upcoming Workshops

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As the summer transitions to fall, we invite you to make small shifts that support a balanced state of joy, inspiration and lightness of being. If you experience anxiety, dry skin, irritation, overwhelm, difficulty focusing, or sleeplessness as the seasons change, you are not alone. In fact, your experience is to be expected during this vata time of year… but it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable! In this participatory workshop, we’ll discuss common wellness challenges that arise during this seasonal transition and provide simple, yet powerful, tools you can integrate to ensure you remain calm, grounded and nourished this fall. Walk away with your own clear and attainable fall routine that incorporates diet and daily rituals, a 4-page Ayurvedic Guide to Living in Autumn, and a body oil to ease you right into this series of simple new practices!


  • The Ayurvedic Guide to Living in Autumn 

  • Autumn Daily Routine worksheet

  • 2 oz Ayurvedic Self Massage Body Oil



$38 for Non-Members of Amana Yoga (EARLY BIRD $32 — before August 31)
$25 for Members of Amana Yoga

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Upcoming Webinars

TBA September 2019

Work With Us

Let us help your community develop the tools to sustain energy, support mood, mediate stress, and enhance digestion, so that they show up ready to support one another to serve your collective mission. Some of our accessible and solutions-oriented wellness workshop topics may include:

  • Radical Self Care: Feel Good, Do Good

  • Avoiding Burnout 101: Secrets to Staying Well

  • Ayurveda for the Activated: Feel Your Best, Live Your Passion

  • Wellness Unplugged: Ayurveda On The Go

  • Ayurveda In The Office: Simple Wellness Tips for Increased Productivity

  • Wellness Work Culture: Nurturing A Healthy Work Environment

  • Become A Self Care Extraordinaire: What Is Self-Care, And Why Is It Important?

Customize Your Own Workshop

Customize your own workshop by telling us a little about your current work culture and goals. We are eager to help you move forward with a more intentional, holistic foundation for nourishing your employees, group or community.

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