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customized wellness support for your group

Rooted in Ayurveda, our wellness systems weave ancient wisdom for holistic healing into the modern context.


It’s a pleasure to work with you both! You’re so clear and authentic with your vision — it’s inspiring and I’m super excited to learn from you. Thank you.

— Alia Sebben, Founder, Amana Yoga


What We Do

We offer holistic lifestyle design education and consultation for individuals, communities and corporate groups that seek to cultivate balance personally, professionally and for the planet.

Work with us to increase joy, productivity and employee satisfaction in your workplace or community!


The Cultivate Balance approach to wellness inspires a deep understanding and appreciation for the individual, offering self care practices that inspire people to celebrate their strengths and overcome their challenges... so they can show up to do their life’s work. When members of a community are vibrant and activated, they have the clarity and energy to show up as their most productive, motivated selves.

Rooted in Ayurveda, our wellness systems weave ancient wisdom for holistic healing into the modern context. Our unique approach is soulful, embodied and accessible — we inspire individuals to reclaim their self love and live their deepest expression of wellness through easy-to-implement nutrition, daily routine and basic self care rituals. By embracing simple yet profound changes to their habits, our students and clients have the opportunity to shift how they experience their body and mind, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of vitality. It is by reclaiming internal balance that the body can heal itself and lasting wellness becomes available, and we can show up to do our best work. 

We seek to ensure this powerful knowledge is accessible to all who desire to embark on a journey of renewal.


With so many holistic modalities to choose from, why focus on the Ayurvedic approach?  Ayurveda is not only a rising trend, it is a full-spectrum system of healing with at least 2,000 years of documented case studies proving its efficacy. Believed to be oldest system of healing on Earth, the principles of this system are equally relevant today. This vast body of healing knowledge that traces its roots to India, dating as far back as 5,000 to 6,000 BC.

Ayurveda is distinct in that it tailors preventative wellness, as well as the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, to the unique constitution of the individual. Ayurveda also provides a frame of reference through which individuals can discern the value of other wellness approaches, empowering them to make choices that serve their unique needs. And, with treatment that focuses on nutrition, daily and seasonal routines, herbal remedies, oils, bodywork, yoga and meditation, Ayurveda offers an approach to wellness that is based on self love rather than self control. For those with an existing curiosity in yoga or mindful living, Ayurveda is the natural next step.


We offer a range of products and services to inspire wellness among our clients:

  • Online Education (short or long format virtual courses and webinars)

  • Digital Resources (“Goodness Guides”)

  • Publications (authorship of blogs and articles)

  • Workshops (in person and virtual learning experiences on curated topics)

  • Business Consulting (i.e. corporate/group wellness workshops and product development)

  • Lifestyle Design (individual wellness consultations)


Increase productivity and employee satisfaction in your workplace! Let us help your staff develop the tools to sustain energy, support mood, mediate stress, and enhance digestion, so that they show up ready to support one another to serve your collective mission. Some of our accessible and solutions-oriented wellness workshop topics may include: 

  • Radical Self Care: Feel Good, Do Good

  • Avoiding Burnout 101: Secrets to Staying Well

  • Ayurveda for the Activated: Feel Your Best, Live Your Passion

  • Wellness Unplugged: Ayurveda On The Go

  • Ayurveda In The Office: Simple Wellness Tips for Increased Productivity

  • Wellness Work Culture: Nurturing A Healthy Work Environment

  • Become A Self Care Extraordinaire: What Is Self-Care, And Why Is It Important?

Customize your own workshop by telling us a little about your current work culture and goals. We are eager to help you move forward with a more intentional, holistic foundation for nourishing your employees, group or community.


Molly McConnell, RYT 500, and Sierra Brashear, MA, are both Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioners and graduates of Alandi Ashram’s 2,000+ hour, National Ayurvedic Medical Association certified program.

In addition to our formal training, we have both experienced firsthand the amazing wellness transformations catalyzed by Ayurveda, and are advocates for preventative wellness, body-positivity and self love in our daily lives.

We believe that self care is a radical act — when you are vibrant and awake, you have the clarity and energy to show up for what you believe in — and we understand that balancing ourselves is the foundation for balancing our families, communities and the planet. With this in mind, we are committed to shifting humanity’s lived experience through respect for and realignment with nature. We source inspiration from the rhythms and elements of the Earth, knowing that this is the wild reclamation of our ability to heal ourselves and transform the world around us.