Gradual Wellness Journey

Find deep wellness with small, sustainable shifts

Move through the Gradual Wellness Journey, a series of appointments taken at your own pace. Begin by learning the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and maintaining the digestive fire. When you are ready to go deeper, move through consecutive appointments for dialing in your daily routine and integrating self-care practices for a truly joyful life.

Ayurveda, a system of holistic healing that originated in India, offers a rich and dynamic body of knowledge that supports optimal wellness through alignment with the rhythmic and elemental influences of the Earth.

All consultations within our Gradual Wellness Journey offer pulse reading, accountability in goal setting and individualized support in overcoming personal limitations. Herbal medicines may be recommended as optional support for an additional cost.

1 - The Agni Appointment: How to Eat for Your Unique Mind Body Type ($145)

(75 min)

Agni is the Ayurvedic term for digestive fire or metabolism, which is the foundation for thriving health. This initial consultation offers an easeful transition into feeling better in your body.

  • Discover easy, comfortable digestion and true nourishment by incorporating an Ayurvedic approach to eating and maintaining the digestive fire (also called Agni).

  • Reclaim your vitality as you learn what to eat, how to eat and when to eat for your individual mind body type.

  • Learn about your body’s unique constitution and how to honor it with simple dietary shifts.

Supporting digestion is the key to addressing all other health and wellness concerns, which is why the Agni Appointment is the first step on the Gradual Wellness Journey.

2 - The Lifestyle Appointment: Deepen Your Wellness with Daily Routine ($125)

(60 min)

The ideal next step after your developing an understanding of Agni (Ayurvedic digestion) is to cultivate a balanced daily routine. This is an opportunity to incorporate small changes in your day-to-day activities that shift your mental and physical wellbeing over time.

  • Discover the framework for a thriving daily routine suited to your individual needs.

  • Reclaim your wellness everyday with basic steps that take just a few minutes

  • Learn the wisdom of long-term healthy habits that result in radiance, energy and longevity.  

3 - The Self-Care Appointment: Next Level Nurturance of Your Being ($125)

(60 min)

Build on your daily routine by incorporating more in depth self-care rituals that increase your resiliency, luster and vitality. This portion of the journey invites you to take the time to level up your self love game.

  • Discover ancient techniques for enhancing the subtle essences that give you life.

  • Reclaim your self love and thrive in your fullest vibrance.

  • Learn to activate full body awareness and engage in intentional rituals of wellness that bring you back to balance.

4 - Continued Support ($95)

(45 min)

Continue to evolve your understanding and commitment to your wellbeing with ongoing appointments. This is a unique opportunity for personalized and heart-centered guided support on your gradual journey to complete wellness.

  • Be heard for your individual experience

  • Build upon your practices as you solidify your routines

  • Understand how to adjust to seasonal changes

  • Set new goals

  • Receive accountability check-ins

Complete Wellness Package — Ideal for Specific Conditions

If you are currently experiencing a condition with which you would like specific support, please book a Complete Wellness Package. Packages are discounted to $425 for those who have completed appointments one through three of the Gradual Wellness Journey.