Complete Wellness Package

Make a commitment to thrive

Immerse in complete wellness with a plan that is fully customized for you and your unique needs. This is the best option if you are tired of not feeling well and are ready to commit to making major shifts, or if you are seeking support with a specific condition. Generally, our clients begin with the Gradual Wellness Journey — but connect with us about going all in if you think this option is a better fit for you.

The Complete Wellness Package ($495)

  • Intake (2 hours)

    • During this appointment, we will dive deep in to your main concerns, health history, diet and lifestyle. We will also use the Ayurvedic technique to read your pulses. This information is used to create a treatment plan that will be delivered to you in the next appointment.

  • Fully customized wellness plan

    • Receive a document with detailed diet, lifestyle and specific remedy recommendations focusing on your areas of concern.

  • Wellness plan delivery (1 hour)

    • During this appointment, we go over the specific action steps in the wellness plan, determine barriers to success, and outline support structures for you to implement your plan.

Introductory packages are available in person or virtually (without pulse reading). Note that herbal medicines will likely be recommended and are at an additional cost. Additional herbal medicine prices are listed here.

Follow-up Appointments ($95)

(45 min) — Updates, support and outline of next steps