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Self Love Salve



Hey girl, you can always tell when your yoni doesn’t feel, smell, look (or even taste) quite right. And yes, we know it’s vulnerable to talk about. That’s why we’ve created this super healing Self Love Salve — a special salve to keep on hand and apply as soon as you start to sense a slight imbalance in your lady parts. In those critical moments when you think all hope is lost, the Self Love Salve is just the thing you need to return to your feminine balance as you know it.

Itch, Irritation, Inflammation, Burning Sensations, Dryness, Unusual Odor, Candida/Yeast Infection, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Microtears. As a BONUS, this salve is the perfect remedy for cuts, scrapes, scratches and bug bites!

If you’d like to be put on the waitlist for the third batch, please email with your name and the quantity of your order.

What are people saying about the Self Love Salve?

“I’m like so many women who suffer from Vulvodynia & this balm has gave me instant relief on my most vulnerable days. You have to continue to make this!”

— Samantha, Data Analyst (Georgia)

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This salve contains the powerful and soothing Ayurvedic herbs: turmeric, triphala, neem and licorice infused into ghee, with beeswax and a hint of lavender essential oil. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, as well as calming, healing and soothing for the skin.

Comes in a slim and discrete tin that fits right into your back pocket.

Made in small batches with the highest quality, organic and ethically sourced herbs.

How to use

Apply a dime-size amount of the salve to your labia any time you start to experience discomfort or abnormal smell. Use as needed throughout the day, after each time you use the restroom and at night before bed. Be sure to wear dark underwear or a thin pad, as the turmeric in this salve will stain.

This is also multi-use salve, which means it can be applied to small wounds, skin irritations, rashes, and bug bites. It just so happens that it is also both gentle and potent enough to be used directly on your yoni.

The Story

Sierra recently made this custom salve for a client and quickly realized that many more people with vaginas could use a little yoni healing love. Lots of you have shared your concerns around yoni wellness with us, so we’re so proud to be offering this perfect healing product now! We’re launching this product with a limited 20 unit run — so pre-order yours now to receive in time for Valentine’s Day!

Use your all of your senses as you tune in to your yoni wellness. As you do, what do you notice? Does she feel comfortable and juicy? Or dry and irritated? If you experience more of the latter, yoni salve is for you.